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1)           Remove outdrive and rams 

2)           Remove the pivot pins on the side of the bell housing.

3)           Note: Some pins have what appear to be nails that hold them in position.  These must be removed, then the pins are drifted inward until they fall out

4)           If you have the later style there are two bolts screwed in from each side under the earmuffs (grease holders / trim sensor).  These have a 12-point hole that can be turned by a 1/2" Allen wrench.  If they resist removal, try allowing them to soak in some penetrating oil.  You can also use a piece of Allen wrench in a 1/2" socket mounted on an impact wrench to try to remove the screws.  Remember when the loc-tite finally gives way, the screw will come out quickly.  Upon removal, keep the screws and washers for reuse later.

5)           Pull out on the bell housing and use a razor knife, or simiar tool, to cut the top bellows while pulling, the bellows will fall in half.  Make note of where the stainless steel hose clamps sit and face.  In a later step these will need to be replaced in the same position.  Remove the stainless steel clamps.

6)           Pull rearward on the housing, and cut and remove the lower exhaust bellows in the same way.

7)           If you are changing the cable bellows, but not the cable follow these instructions.

7a)           From inside the boat remove the plastic tip from the lower shift cable.  Remove the clamp
                     on the end of the bellows.  Unscrew the stainless steel tube, and pull the cable out of the
                     boat through the boot.  Pull core out approximately 1' to protect tip.  Lubricate and slide
                     the new cable bellows up the cable and leave it until later.

8)           Clean the surface where the exhaust bellows goes on the boat side of the transom assembly and glue and clamp it.  Remember you noted where the clamp goes earlier. 

9)           Then place the u-joint bellows on the bell side, glue and clamp it.  If you are changing the water hose or the gimble bearing do it now before going on to the next step.  The u-joint bellows has two flat spots they must be on the sides toward the boat half way down.

10)           Install the boat side 1/2 of the u-joint bellows, with clamp loosely around the bellows and glue on the inside mating surface.  Push the bell and bellows over the shoulder, put one hand inside to feel that it is seated properly, hold until glue sets.  Release pressure and tighten the clamp. 

11)           Replace the pins or screws that hold the bell housing. 

12)           Push the shift cable back into boat and clamp the bellows at both ends.  Be sure the cable does not get twisted or crimped when it is pulled back in.  Replace the cable core.  Replace the threaded tube and plastic tip and reinstall in its mounting.  

13)           Pull the exhaust bellows back and clamp it to the bell housing.  This is easier if the bellows was stretched over a plastic tube overnight or soaked in hot water.

14) Replace the outdrive. 

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