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Birds Eye Boat

Differentiate your next model  year.

Choose from white glove customer service options and pioneering tech products to build a revolutionary offering for your next model year.

Non-telematics Solutions

Utilize the leader in marine customer service to offer services that don't require a telematics device.

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After Hours Support

Let us handle calls for you when you're out of the office.  Our control center is 24/7, and can handle calls for you on nights, weekends and holidays.

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Mechanical Helpline

 Our 24/7 helpline has an 86% fix rate over the phone, keeping your customers happy and out on the water.

Towing Rope


Offer towing to your boat owners at the most competitive rates in the industry.

Wireless Telematics

Use our wireless long-life battery device for theft recovery or inventory management.

Hardwired Telematics Solutions.

The future of boating.

Provide an easily installed two wire BFQL-200 device or offer more in-depth monitoring with the BFQL-300.

Learn about your customers like never before.

Boat Fix provides you with vital data allowing you to make forward-looking commercial decisions.

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Analyze boating data by boat model, geographic location, dealership and more. 


Learn how frequently your customers use their boat, how fast they go and much more to gain valuable insight into your customer's needs.


Our comprehensive ticketing system records all mechanical helpline calls in detail.

Know what mechanical issues your customers are running into, broken down by make, model, year, engine type and more.


Customer Engagement

Boat Fix's 24/7 Control Center is also a vibrant customer engagement hub.  Our robust onboarding processes can be customized to your preferences, and we continue to engage the customer throughout their entire boat owning experience.

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