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Elevate your next model year with high value, low cost innovations.

Add our affordable, high-value solutions to your new models that will propel your company ahead of the competition.

Boat Fix provides boat builders with affordable, high-value technology solutions that offer boat owners essential information about their vessels. Our exceptional live customer service ensures your customers enjoy trouble-free boating, encouraging long-term satisfaction and continued engagement with boating.

Explore product features at a glance

Battery Monitoring
Continuously tracks battery voltage and sends automated alerts for voltage fluctuations, ensuring timely notifications for both high and low levels.
High Water Alarms

Monitor bilge water with our Five-Wire solution. Stay informed of sudden water level rises, enabling quick responses to prevent flooding.

Theft Recovery
Whether your boat is stolen from a trailer or off a dock, our Theft Recovery software will help us retrieve it.
Inventory Management
We integrate with inventory management systems to make it easy for you to keep track of your inventory.
Mobile Application
Offer customers an intuitive app for round-the-clock boat monitoring.

Wow your your customers by offering them our live 24/7 customer service.

Give your customers peace of mind with our live 24/7 Customer Service including our Mechanical Advistory Helpline.  We answer your customers calls in seconds, every time. 

24/7 Live Customer Support

Our 24/7 control center is equipped to handle calls from your customers including nights, weekends and holidays.  We answer their calls in seconds every time.  


Mechanical Advisory Helpline

Our 24/7 Mechanical Advisory Helpline can save the day for your customers if they breakdown on the water.  Keeping your customers safe and on the water helps you build goodwill with your customers and helps keep them your customer in the years to come.    


Sometimes, towing a customer’s boat back to the dock or ramp is necessary.  We can incorporate towing into our service at competitive rates. Talk to our staff for more details.

Advanced tools at your fingertips

Consumer Reporting
Deliver personalized monthly reports to customers, offering valuable insights into their boat usage data.
Consumer Insights
Boat Fix equips you with essential data, empowering you to make informed and proactive commercial decisions.
Monitor Trends
Analyze boating data based on boat model, geographic location, dealership, and other factors.
Consumer First

Our 24/7 control center ensures personalized onboarding and continuous engagement, enhancing your entire boat ownership experience.

What customers are saying

This is an absolute game changer. We’ve always believed our customers deserve the best and our partnership with Boat Fix delivers just that.

Jimmy Hancock
Sea Pro Boats
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Introducing Boat Fix Pro 2.0

Boat Fix Pro is your ultimate companion for seamless boating experiences. Designed with precision and innovation, this app offers unparalleled features to enhance your maritime adventures. With real-time monitoring of vital boat systems, Boat Fix Pro ensures your vessel is always in top condition. Stay connected to your boat while away from it, and enjoy peace of mind on the water with Boat Fix Pro.

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