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Reliable, easy-to-use technology

Streamline your fleet management tasks effortlessly with our reliable and intuitive technology solutions. From tracking vessel locations to monitoring maintenance schedules, our easy-to-use platform empowers you to optimize operations and maximize efficiency. Say goodbye to cumbersome manual processes and hello to seamless fleet management with our innovative technology at your fingertips.

Locate your fleet anytime, anywhere

With real-time, pinpoint accuracy from your laptop and smartphone.

Gain unparalleled control over your fleet’s whereabouts with our advanced tracking system. Stay informed about your fleet’s movements around the clock, enabling proactive decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency. With our solution, you’ll never be left guessing about the whereabouts of your assets again.

Ensure accountability with GPS playback for renters

Empower accountability and enhance oversight of your rental operations with our GPS playback feature. By harnessing the power of GPS technology, you can track and review the exact routes and locations visited by renters in real-time. Gain valuable insights into usage patterns, identify potential misuse, and ensure compliance with rental agreements. With comprehensive playback capabilities, you’ll have the tools you need to optimize rental efficiency and maintain the integrity of your fleet and you’ll have access to your data for seven years.

Track arrivals and departures with precision

Efficiently manage arrivals and departures with our comprehensive tracking system. Receive automated alerts and record digital timestamps for every arrival and departure, ensuring accuracy and accountablility.  

Set boundaries and keep your rentals safe

Empower renters with safety and control by defining outer limits and no-go zones with our advanced technology. With the ability to establish boundaries tailored to specific areas, you can ensure renters stay within designated parameters, minimizing the risk of accidents or trespassing. Our system provides proactive warnings to renters as they approach these boundaries, alerting them before they encounter potential trouble. With safety as our priority, we provide peace of mind to both renters and fleet operators, enabling worry-free exploration while ensuring responsible usage of rental assets.

Safeguard your boat day and night

Instant alerts and swift recovery with nightwatchman

Introducing nightwatchman, your ultimate theft deterrent solution for boat security. With nightwatchman, rest assured that your boat is protected day and night. If your boat leaves after hours, you’ll receive a phone call within seconds, alerting you to any unauthorized activity. Our theft mode feature instantly connects to law enforcement for swift recovery in the event of theft, providing you with peace of mind and comprehensive protection for your valuable assets.

Streamlined hardware for lightning fast deployment

Experience hassle-free installation in just ten minutes with our two-wire setup. Our cable box model saves you money upfront by eliminating the need for extra device purchases.

  • Monitors battery level and location
  • DIY Installation
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Reports I time every hour with ignition off
  • Reporting increases to 1 time per minute with ignition on
  • Global cellular reporting
  • Monitors ignition on/off
  • Minimal 5 milliamp battery drain
  • Lifetime warranty

24/7 support

We’re always here for you. Boat Fix operates 24/7 so that you never have to worry about availability. Our 24/7 control center is equipped to handle calls for you during nights, weekends, and holidays.

What customers are saying

I am happy to report that, because of Boat Fix, We recovered every single boat. Without Boat Fix’s Tracking and 24/7 support, Hurricane Ian would have wiped us out.
Spencer Larson
Your Boat Club
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Introducing Boat Fix Pro 2.0

Boat Fix Pro is your ultimate companion for seamless boating experiences. Designed with precision and innovation, this app offers unparalleled features to enhance your maritime adventures. With real-time monitoring of vital boat systems, Boat Fix Pro ensures your vessel is always in top condition. Stay connected to your boat while you are away from it, and enjoy peace of mind on the water with Boat Fix Pro.

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