Troubleshooter. Security guard. Systems monitor.

With the Boat Fix hardware and software ecosystem, you gain comprehensive insight into your boat’s status around the clock. Our boat monitor unit’s sensors consistently transmit data to our app, ensuring real-time and historical data for all monitored systems. And if you need support, our 24/7 control center is there to take your call, any time of the day, every day of the year.


GPS Location

24/7 Battery Monitoring

Engine Hour Monitoring

High Water Alarms

Theft Prevention

Round-the-Clock support:

We answer every call in seconds.

At Boat Fix, we are committed to providing unparalleled customer service. Our live operators, based in the US, are available 24/7—even on weekends and holidays. Feel free to call us with any questions at any time.

We also provide proactive outbound service. If your boat is in protect mode and breaches its geofence, or if your high water alarm activates for a specified period, you can expect a call from us. Ensuring the safety of you and your boat is our highest priority.

GPS Location

Our app lets you track your boat’s location anytime and anywhere. Plus, with our playback feature, you can easily revisit your favorite spots, from the best fishing holes to the liveliest party coves, with a detailed record of your past locations.

24/7 Battery Monitoring

We have set a new industry standard in remote monitoring of battery voltage with our three-tiered alarm system. This includes alarms for ultra-low, low, and now high voltage. High voltage levels can cause rapid degradation of battery life and, in critical cases, lead to fire and explosion.

Engine Hour Monitoring

Our service enables you to track engine hours efficiently, allowing you to schedule maintenance based on actual usage. By monitoring the operational hours of your engine, you can optimize maintenance routines and ensure your engine is serviced at the right intervals. This proactive approach not only helps extend the life of your engine but also enhances its performance and reliability, ensuring your vessel remains in top condition.

Bilge Monitoring

Our Five-Wire solution offers an advanced monitoring system for bilge water levels, equipped with a high water alarm. This feature allows you to keep a vigilant eye on the bilge’s water status, alerting you promptly if levels rise unexpectedly. By integrating sensors with real-time alerts, the system ensures that you can act swiftly to prevent potential water damage or flooding onboard. This proactive monitoring tool is essential for maintaining the safety and integrity of your vessel.

Theft prevention with our protect mode

We safeguard your vessel from theft and unauthorized use. Activate our protect mode and if your boat moves over 100 yards from its starting point, you’ll receive an alert and a direct call from us. In case of unauthorized use, we immediately notify you and the authorities, and can share your boat’s exact location for rapid response.

Navigate with confidence, monitor with ease:

Introducing Boat Fix Pro 2.0

Boat Fix Pro is your ultimate companion for seamless boating experiences. Designed with precision and innovation, this app offers unparalleled features to enhance your maritime adventures. With real-time monitoring of vital boat systems, Boat Fix Pro ensures your vessel is always in top condition. Stay connected to your boat when you are away from it, and enjoy peace of mind on the water with Boat Fix Pro.

Chart a course for worry-free boating!

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