Increase profitability and customer satisfaction with every sale.

Sell high value, low cost innovations while generating customer loyalty.

Give your customers the gift of peace of mind.

With Boat Fix, we help you be more proactive when servicing your customer’s need. Sales reps can check in on customers who had issues over the weekend – building customer rapport. Build your parts and service business by knowing when engine maintence is due or batteries have gone bad. Offer piece of mind to your customers and turn every day on the water into a great day.  

Turn your dealership into a 24/7 operation.

We’re always here to support you and your customers. Our 24/7 control center is available to handle calls during nights, weekends, and holidays, allowing your staff to focus on revenue-generating activities and providing exceptional service to your customers.

Inventory management

We seamlessly integrate with inventory management systems to simplify tracking your inventory. Our system allows your floor planner to easily locate all your boats, saving time and effort. Additionally, if a boat is stolen from your lot, you can quickly identify its location and share this information with the authorities. Our integration also streamlines the warranty registration process, enhancing overall efficiency.

What customers are saying

You guys saved our Sunday! We were about to call the boat towing company but your mechanic was on the line and helped us fix the problem in minutes and got us going. Wow! Excellent Service!
Sarah, H
Cape May NJ
Navigate with confidence, monitor with ease:

Introducing Boat Fix Pro 2.0

Boat Fix Pro is your ultimate companion for seamless boating experiences. Designed with precision and innovation, this app offers unparalleled features to enhance your maritime adventures. From real-time monitoring of vital boat systems, Boat Fix Pro ensures your vessel is always in top condition. Stay connected to your boat when you are away from it, and enjoy peace of mind on the water with Boat Fix Pro.

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