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Manage your fleet with reliable, easy to use technology.

Pinpoint Accuracy available on laptop or smart phone

Easy to use, ready to go software backed by 24/7 support.

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Instant alarms for early departure or late returns

Automatically log departure and return times with a geofence around home base.

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Real-time incident review

Save money on damage claims.  GPS playback gives you real time, digital truth, vs. delayed third-party hearsay. 

In one season alone, we had multiple damaged lower units and replaced many props from boats grounding in places the member was advised to avoid because of underwater hazards.

Boat Fix on every boat is a now a no-brainer, especially with the geofence strobe alarm that averts the problem automatically in real time.

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Jared Irwin


Lake St. Clair Freedom Boat Club

Unlimited customized geofencing - any shape and size

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...and even set timed geofences to match return times

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7:00 PM

Unique onboard strobe alarm.

The console-mounted strobe activates in seconds when any geofence is breached

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Never worry about outer limits, unauthorized areas, no-go zones

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24/7/365 Live Business Support

You'll speak to a live person EVERY time.  Even on the busiest weekends.

Ask about insurance incentives.

We partner with Markel and other leaders in the marine insurance industry to help save you money on insurance.  Ask your broker if Boat Fix can lower your premiums.

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