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Boats and Yachts

Manage your fleet with reliable, easy-to-use technology.

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Real-time, pinpoint accuracy on your laptop and smartphone.

With up-to-date NOAA chart, weather, satellite and street map layers, Boat Fix brings your fleet to your fingertips.

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Keep renters accountable with GPS playback.

Replace he-said-she-said with facts.  You'll have access to your data for seven years.

Log arrivals and departures

Receive automated alerts and record digital timestamps.

Speed Boats


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Control outer limits and no-go  zones

... and warn your renters before they get into trouble.

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*Additional purchase may apply.​

In one season alone, we had multiple damaged lower units and replaced many props from boats grounding in places the member was advised to avoid because of underwater hazards.

Boat Fix on every boat is a now a no-brainer, especially with the geofence strobe alarm that averts the problem automatically in real time.

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Jared Irwin


Lake St. Clair Freedom Boat Club

Police Cars

With Night Watchman, you will get a phone call in seconds if your boat leaves after hours.

 Our Theft Mode connects to Law Enforcement for speedy recovery.


Our team picks up in seconds, every time.

Hardware that makes sense.

  • Cable box model eliminates the need to purchase a device (saving you money up front)

  • Reliable tracking and an IP-67 rating (see the specs)

  • Ten minute, two wire installation

Simplify operations with monthly reports

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Insurance can be an expensive headache.

Boat Fix is accredited with the insurance industry.  Ask how we can help improve your policy and drive down costs.

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