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Boat Fix in the Press

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Sea Pro Boats Creates Two Industry Firsts With Partnership With Boat Fix

"Boat Fix, a recreational boating telematics company that provides a combination of remote monitoring, GPS tracking, sophisticated geofencing and 24/7 live customer support, announced today the expansion of their partnership with Sea Pro to an industry first five-year program under the Sea Pro Connect name with free towing support."  Read the full article at Fishing Wire!


Boat Fix Partners with Bentley Pontoons!

Bentley 24/7 Assurance, powered by Boat Fix, offers new Bentley owners a complimentary three-year mechanical help line, providing around-the-clock assistance by mechanics with 30-plus years of experience who have a proven 86% fix rate by phone.  Read more about it in Boating Industry!

Legend Boats teams up with Boat Fix!

“The Boat Fix app is incredibly useful and easy to use, and the surefire reliability of their telematics hardware is so important for the convenience of our customers,” Legend co-CEO Jamie Dewar said in a statement.  Read more about it in Trade Only!


Boat Fix announces partnership with Markel Insurance!

Under the collaboration, all new boat rental customers insured by Markel may subscribe for the Boat Fix service and will receive its monitoring and tracking device at no additional cost as well as premium savings.  Check out the Boating Industry article to learn more!

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