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The future of marine insurance.

Utilize boat safety ratings.

Proactively prevent theft and damage.

Mitigate claim losses with Incident Review.

It's not a question of if, but a question of when.

Read the Boat Fix white paper on telematics in marine insurance here.

Lower premiums for good boating practices.

Our algorithms are set up to give policy holders a better-boating score.

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Proactive Outreach

  • 24/7 human monitoring of bilge, battery and unauthorized use activity

  • Outreach for named storms


Read our paper on how telematics mitigates storm loss here.

Mitigate claims losses with Incident Review.

Accidents happen.  Our Incident Review capabilities help limit risk by proving who was at fault.


Our devices report as frequently as every 8 seconds when an asset is active.  This frequency, paired with industry-leading GPS accuracy, gives a very clear picture of any boating incident.


Boat Fix reports with minimal cellular service.  When not in range, the device can store up to a week of data on its own, which will all be automatically uploaded when the device returns to cellular range.

All of the data in the cloud is maintained by Boat Fix for seven years.

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